TLDR inside TLDR: Argentina is good at football but bad et economy, the world is entering a financial crisis and the U.S government sells their bitcoin stash
TLDR inside TLDR: Mt. Gox coins teasing creditors, Silvergate and SVB finally collapse and USDC de-pegs
TLDR inside TLDR: Silvergate is in trouble, the SEC is coming for your shitcoin and bitcoiners have diamond balls
TLDR inside TLDR: Faketoshi sues the blockchain, Twitter is dying and Do Kwon plays hide and seek
TLDR inside TLDR: the IRS rugpulls Celsius users, NFT degens keep being degens and somebody farts on the blockchain
TLDR inside TLDR: Craig forgot to take his medication again, famous scam artist gets exposed and bitcoin hodlers reach an ATH
TLDR inside TLDR: Switzerland is the new El Salvador, Pepes on bitcoin, and Nostr hype
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